6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Win Rate in Heroes of the Storm

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Getting crushingly defeated in Heroes of the Storm is a completely demoralizing experience. If you have ever played Heroes then you know getting stuck at a rank or getting steam-rolled in Quick Match is a common event but it is possible to get out of this rut. Whether you are new to Heroes or have been playing since Alpha there are at least six key things you can do to enhance your skills and start winning more matches.

Don’t Die: You will hear this on almost every podcast or guide you encounter. The single best thing you can do is not die. That doesn’t mean stay behind your walls and don’t engage the enemy. What it does mean is to play smart and don't get caught out and die unnecessarily.  Know your characters limits on what you can do without dying.  Giving your enemy free kills and experience is a quick way to get behind and lose the game.

Map Awareness: Get comfortable with checking the mini-map and seeing where the enemy team is. If you don’t see anyone on the map, then they are either taking a camp or getting ready to gank you. In those cases play it safer and don’t overextend your lane.

Follow the Team: It may not always seem like whatever your team is currently doing is the best possible choice but if everyone is on the same page then you are far more likely to win. Even if you disagree with the choice, it’s still a team game and you have to work together in order to succeed.

Have Fun!: Believe it or not, your current mood does have an impact on your game-play. So start the game out with a simple “GLHF” emote which will provide a boost to you and your team. Also with the new voice chat start out with a friendly comment or joke to lighten the mood and try to make a friend.

Try All Characters: The best way to get better in Heroes is to try out all of the characters for a few matches, preferably to level five. You don’t need to be an expert, just play enough to understand what those characters are good at and what their weaknesses are. If you find people doing things against you that are particularly frustrating, then you should do those same things to those characters when you go against them.

Pick Your Main: Once you have tried out all the characters, pick your top three characters that you absolutely love playing and are good at. Then start practicing and become an expert on them. These characters will be the ones you should pick in ranked mode.

I hope these tips help you improve your gameplay in Heroes of the Storm. If you have any other great ideas for the community feel free to add them in the comments below!

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