7 Tips for Completing All 9 Hearthstone Dungeon Run Classes

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Hearthstone Dungeon Runs are by far the most fun I have ever had in Hearthstone but it is also one of the most challenging things in Hearthstone to complete all 9 classes. If you are not sure what these Dungeon Runs are check out Hearthstone Dungeon Runs = I'm Back!. I recently snuffed out those Kobold candles on all 9 classes, earning the Dungeon Master Card Back reward and you can do it too with these tips!  

I should note that there are a lot of other great detailed guides for each class on sites such as Hearthpwn, Metabomb, and others that will help you out greatly.  Here is a list of tips I wish I would have known going in and I think will help you to get to get the end bosses more consistently, as well as complete all 9 classes!

  1. Picking the Right Treasure: Possibly the most important thing is picking the right treasure. Note that there are a ton of treasures, so not all listed here but the ones that helped me the most were (in order of priority for me):
    • Potion of Vitality: Double your health. If you are super lucky and get this one twice, it’s almost impossible to lose.
    • Wax Rager: Gives you a 5/1 minion with a Deathrattle that re-summons the minion.
    • Captured Flag: Give all of your minions +1/+1. This was great when I first started dungeon runs but I almost never saw this one pop up again.
    • Justicar’s Ring: Increases the power of your Hero Power and makes it cost 1 mana. I found this very useful for all classes but Paladin, Druid, Hunter, Priest, and Mage benefited the most.
    • Battle Totem: Triggers your Battlecries twice. This really strong on Battlecry heavy decks and specific classes with Jades.
    • Totem of the Dead: Triggers your Deathrattles twice. Really strong if you have Deathrattle heavy decks, works particularly well with Sylvanas.
    • Scepter of Summoning: Makes your minions that cost more than 5 mana, cost 5 mana. With this, you have no fear of more expensive late-game minions.
    • Wish: Provides a full heal and a full board of legendaries. This one saved me quite a few times and even better with Potion of Vitality.
  2. Don’t Get Tricked by Bad Treasures:
    • Cloak of Invisibility: Makes all of your minions invisible and can’t be directly targeted. All this does is allow the boss to keep smashing your face every turn. I was never able to complete a run when I picked this one.
    • Small Backpack: Makes you draw 2 additional cards at the beginning of the match. In a lot of matches you end up in fatigue and you really don’t want to get to that point before the boss does.
    • Mysterious Tome: Gives you three random secrets. These are often not good secrets because it picks from all classes. If you get a good secret it typically gets used up in the early game so ends up being not very effective. Also if you take this one twice you only get the maximum of five secrets, not the full value of six.
  3. Check for Lethal: Sounds silly but there were times I got so wrapped up in clearing minions and surviving that I completely missed the chance to win the match that turn. This happens to everyone in Hearthstone so take a second to add up your damage before making your play.
  4. Variety: Try to have a variety of card types and mana ranges, from small minions to large minions and/or spells. There are many bosses that will punish you severely for having one deck type, such as all spells, or a zoo (small minion) deck.
  5. Synergy: Pick the treasure that best compliments your deck. For example, if you have a lot of Jade cards, maybe pick up that double Battle Totem treasure.
  6. Smart Trades: Like in ranked mode, making valuable trades and learning when to just go face can make the difference between a win and a loss. A lot of this comes with experience, but there are some sites that go in-depth and rank every card if you need it.
  7. Have FUN!: Your mood really does affect how well you play. If you catch yourself getting tilted or upset with an unlucky match, take a break. Go grab a drink, or make some food Quick Dinner Ideas for Gamers. Come back refreshed and ready to take some candles.

Good luck on your quest for completing all nine classes in the Hearthstone Dungeon Runs! With a little luck and these tips, you should be in a great position to win more matches. It’s a tough journey but you can definitely do it, stay positive and have fun to crush those Kobolds!

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