7 Ways to Save Money on Video Games


There’s no question about it, video gaming is expensive. Doesn’t matter what system you play on, the price of the systems, games, DLC and loot boxes add up quick. So what can you do save money on your favorite games? In this article, I will show you some of the best ways you can save a ton of money on gaming.

Free to Play Games: If you are gamer that is really strapped for cash my first thought is to try out some free to play games. There are hundreds, if not thousands of titles that are free to play on Steam or other major platforms but here are a few of the really popular titles that are truly free to play (not pay to win).

Fortnite: Battle Royale
Heroes of the Storm
League of Legends
Path of Exile
Pokemon GO
Star Wars: The Old Republic

Steam Sales: For PC gamers, every season (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter) Steam has a massive sale. These sales typically only last a couple of weeks and have massive discounts, anywhere from 50-90% off on games. I typically won’t buy anything on these sales unless they are at least 75% off. So you can get big titles really cheap.

Humble Bundles: www.humblebundle.com is a fantastic site that allows you to pay what you want for their bundles and lets you choose how much of the money goes to charity. Some of the bundles have a dollar limit like $20 to get all of the items listed but regardless it’s a great deal. Humble also has a store as well that runs steep discounts that are on par with Steam Sales. Also, they consistently give away free games if you are signed up for them, they are typically older games but still free is free right?

Amazon Prime: If you are a Prime Member you get 20% off pre-orders! Also with Prime comes Twitch Prime where you can get free Twitch rewards for your games and you can support your favorite stream with a free Twitch subscription.  Also, RezPlz has an affiliate program with Amazon so you can help us create more great articles by using our link.

Game Stop: They aren’t well known for having the best deals however for console gamers you can trade in your old games you never play for credit which will allow you to get more games cheaper. It can also be very worthwhile when they run promotions with bonus rewards for game turn-ins. www.gamestop.com

Best Buy: The Best Buy Gamer Club is 20% off all new items, 10% off all pre-owned plus you get double rewards points. www.bestbuy.com

PSN or XBOX Live: These are both monthly subscription based programs for their respective console that offer free games each month along with their normal advantages to the programs. So it may not always be worth it but could be beneficial to check out.

I hope these ideas save you some money on your gaming purchases. If you have any other ideas that you use to save money on video games feel free to let the community know in comments below!

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