About Us


About Us

Our goal is to share our passion about video games and related topics with you!  We love gaming and especially gaming with our friends and the great communities out there.  Because of this we plan to put a little extra focus in Co-Op gaming information.  However, our focus is to bring you relevant/entertaining Guides, Videos, Blogs and How-To's in the many games we love.

Ever since I was old enough to hold a controller I have been gaming!  Starting out I was very much into console games mostly NES, SNES, N64 and PS1 but later in my teenage years I learned to build my own computer and have fallen in love with PC gaming ever since.  So you might see topics on computers or other technologies as well.

After college I joined the Air Force for 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the service but throughout this time my passion for gaming and computers never slowed.  Any free time I had was devoted to gaming with my friends online or in person.  I even found my future wife playing Pokemon!  So this passion runs deep and hope to share it with you.

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