• 17 Steps to Creating Your Own Blog
    Ever thought about creating your own website?  I will tell you up front that creating your first blog is a ton of work. is my first […]
  • 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Win Rate in Heroes of the Storm
    Getting crushingly defeated in Heroes of the Storm is a completely demoralizing experience. If you have ever played Heroes then you know getting […]
  • Console Wars: PS4 Pro, Switch, Xbox One X
    The age-old war on what console gaming system is better has raged on for generations now. A war where each side is very passionate and dedicated to […]
  • Finding the Perfect Podcast
    With the popularity of podcasts exploding over the past couple of years it can be difficult to find that perfect podcast to listen to. Browsing […]
  • 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Damage in World of Warcraft
    Being able to smash through enemies quickly in World of Warcraft requires much more than just face-rolling your keyboard. Especially if you want to […]
  • Harvest Moon: Light of Hope… For PC?!
    The Harvest Moon series is iconic. These games shouldn’t be fun and yet… inexplicably they are. It’s always been a grind-heavy game with very simple […]
  • 7 Ways to Save Money on Video Games
    There’s no question about it, video gaming is expensive. Doesn’t matter what system you play on, the price of the systems, games, DLC and loot boxes […]
  • Review: Hats Off to Mario Odyssey Co-Op Experience
    No real question about it, Mario Odyssey is a great game, but how is the co-op experience? My Fiancé and I completed Mario Odyssey in co-op mode and […]
  • 7 Tips for Completing All 9 Hearthstone Dungeon Run Classes
    Hearthstone Dungeon Runs are by far the most fun I have ever had in Hearthstone but it is also one of the most challenging things in Hearthstone to […]
  • Quick Dinner Ideas for Gamers
    Cooking dinner at home is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and not just as a gamer. If you need some convincing checking out (Why […]
  • Virtual Reality: Should You Buy It?
    The quick answer is not just yet… Virtual Reality (VR) has been a hot gaming and movie topic for a few years now. While the technology and the […]
  • Mario + Rabbids: Should YOU Save the Kingdom?
    I just finished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle™️ and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Most of that I attribute to the level of detail they […]
  • Heroes of the Storm™: Blaze Added and Malfurion Rework
    Blaze The hot new hero added to the nexus, Blaze, is a tank class. Right out of the gate he is… on fire, being super tanky and overall […]
  • Why Gamers Should Cook IRL
    Why should gamers learn to cook? If you are like me and most other gamers your diet probably consists of a great deal of “unhealthy” fast food, ramen […]
  • Tips for Handling Bullies and Trolls in Games
    We have all seen them, trolls, those unfortunate tortured souls that love giving other people’s grief for their own amusement. It’s not […]
  • Sticking to that New Year’s Resolution: Gamer’s Edition
    Every year we make New Year’s resolutions and for most of us, we can never seem to keep them for very long. Well, what if I told you video […]
  • Date Night Ideas for Gamers
    So you have found a special someone that enjoys video games as much as you do? Congratulations! No seriously, the hard part is over … or is it? Now […]
  • Finding Love as a Gamer
    Finding that perfect person to share your life with is hard! If you are a gamer you know that struggle can feel like Mario learning his princess is […]
  • Hearthstone Dungeon Runs = I’m Back!
    The last time I played Hearthstone® was, not so coincidentally, the same day my tablet decided to become a Frisbee. Typically I’m not one to […]
  • Coupons
    Every gamer needs to save money to buy new games and tech! Use our Amazon coupon links to save you some money and help support our site! Baby Save […]
  • Quick Guide to Buying PC Parts
    Finding all of the parts you need to build a computer can very challenging!  So I have created this article to be a quick reference guide with some […]
  • How to Build a Computer
    Building your own PC is a great way to get a powerful computer for significantly less money than buying one. Plus if you add in the fact that you can […]
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