• Mario + Rabbids: Should YOU Save the Kingdom?
    I just finished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle™️ and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Most of that I attribute to the level of detail they […]
  • Heroes of the Storm™: Blaze Added and Malfurion Rework
    Blaze The hot new hero added to the nexus, Blaze, is a tank class. Right out of the gate he is… on fire, being super tanky and overall […]
  • Why Gamers Should Cook IRL
    Why should gamers learn to cook? If you are like me and most other gamers your diet probably consists of a great deal of “unhealthy” fast food, ramen […]
  • Tips for Handling Bullies and Trolls in Games
    We have all seen them, trolls, those unfortunate tortured souls that love giving other people’s grief for their own amusement. It’s not […]
  • Sticking to that New Year’s Resolution: Gamer’s Edition
    Every year we make New Year’s resolutions and for most of us, we can never seem to keep them for very long. Well, what if I told you video […]
  • Date Night Ideas for Gamers
    So you have found a special someone that enjoys video games as much as you do? Congratulations! No seriously, the hard part is over … or is it? Now […]
  • Finding Love as a Gamer
    Finding that perfect person to share your life with is hard! If you are a gamer you know that struggle can feel like Mario learning his princess is […]
  • Hearthstone Dungeon Runs = I’m Back!
    The last time I played Hearthstone® was, not so coincidentally, the same day my tablet decided to become a Frisbee. Typically I’m not one to […]
  • Coupons
    Every gamer needs to save money to buy new games and tech! Use our Amazon coupon links to save you some money and help support our site!BeautySave […]
  • Quick Guide to Buying PC Parts
    Finding all of the parts you need to build a computer can very challenging!  So I have created this article to be a quick reference guide with some […]
  • How to Build a Computer
    Building your own PC is a great way to get a powerful computer for significantly less money than buying one. Plus if you add in the fact that you can […]
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