Finding Love as a Gamer


Finding that perfect person to share your life with is hard! If you are a gamer you know that struggle can feel like Mario learning his princess is another castle for the hundredth time. I mean; think about it, gamers tend to spend a great deal of time well, gaming, and most of that is done indoors behind a (hopefully) massive monitor or T.V. So the opportunity to meet new people with your shared interest is limited at best.

In fact, that’s exactly how I felt before finding my soon to be wife playing Pokemon Go in our neighborhood. So I can tell you that not all hope is lost. If you are struggling to find that perfect person, here are just a few out of the box ways you can improve your own chances of finding love.

  • Play Pokemon Go:  Seriously it worked for me. You can just walk around your neighborhood, go to parks, join raid groups on Discord or visit other more populated areas with PokeStops. After that just play the game, and talk to others near you playing as well. You never know who you just might hit it off with.
  • Guilds:  Join guilds and communities for your favorite game. We have all heard stories of people who met playing their favorite game like World of Warcraft®, there are a surprising number of people who met this way and some even get married in and outside of the game!
  • Gaming Bar:  Take any chance to go to a gaming-themed bar like in my area Dave and Busters and 16 Bit Bar are two popular places to go. Even if you are not a fan of bars you still get to have fun playing games and if you’re old enough have some drinks. It’s a great way to meet new people.
  • Conventions:  Though I haven't tried this one myself I have heard that comi-con and other conventions are great places to meet like-minded people and some of the larger conventions I know have things like speed dating programs at the actual event, which may sound awkward but who knows it just might lead you to meet the love of your life.
  • Movies:  Movie night with friends can be a way to meet others going to the same movies you like. It could be as easy as striking up a conversation about the movie in the lobby.

Once you have found someone special then it’s up to both of you to make the magic happen! However, if you are looking for some great gaming related date night ideas check out Date Night Ideas for Gamers.

Stay positive, get out there and have fun playing the games you love and sharing it with others, you will find someone special that likes doing same things as you.

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