Harvest Moon: Light of Hope… For PC?!


The Harvest Moon series is iconic. These games shouldn’t be fun and yet… inexplicably they are. It’s always been a grind-heavy game with very simple storylines. It shouldn’t be much of a game to think about but the moment a new Harvest Moon falls into my lap I’m in. So is Light of Hope worth the $29.99 price tag? Worth spending endless hours logged on Steam?

Well yes, yes it is. The port over to computer was incredibly smooth and I couldn’t be happier with it! I was shocked to find that the controls for the computer were much better than I anticipated. One thing I really like is that once you upgraded your tools in the past you only had a set area you could farm or water. Now you can customize when using your mouse and any connecting spaces are fair game! A wonderful improvement!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play this with a controller of course. This game works just as well with a controller as it does with the keyboard, but with less ability to do some customization. So sitting on the couch and playing in your living room is still a very real thing you can do and in fact, the way I initially played until my tools upgraded.

The characters are not the best I’ve ever seen in a Harvest Moon, nor is this the best story ever, but I’m hoping that soon we’ll see more of the Harvest Moon games. I’m hopeful that some of my favorite titles from the past may move over to Steam such as More Friends of Mineral Town. It would also be nice to see customizable characters in the future, the characters are cute of course, but being able to change some details might be nice.

So why did it take so… LONG for Natsume(r) to finally put this on Steam? It surprised and irritated me that of all the games that could be ported to Steam this game was not one of them. Until now, that is. I have absolutely no idea what took so long but I am optimistic about the future of this series as part of the steam database!

Overall I would recommend this game to any Harvest Moon or farming game fan. It’s not the best Harvest Moon game, but it’s the best Harvest Moon for the PC!


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