Hearthstone Dungeon Runs = I’m Back!


The last time I played Hearthstone® was, not so coincidentally, the same day my tablet decided to become a Frisbee. Typically I'm not one to get angry with video games, however, the constant Over-Powered decks and combos of ranked mode eventually took their toll on me.

That all changed when Blizzard released their new dungeon run mode for Hearthstone! In this mode you take on 8 bosses, starting out very easy and increasingly becoming more difficult as you progress. Blizzard nailed the bosses as they created a large variety of opponents that can show up in a random order so it never gets old. Also, the more bosses you beat, the better the rewards and types of cards you get for your run. The downside is they go away after you are defeated. Of course, the upside is they go away once you're defeated so you can't get bored. With a little luck, you can build some really fun decks. Dungeon runs are so addictive that two of my friends who vowed to never play Hearthstone again are back too! We are having a great time with it watching and challenging each other during our lunch breaks to see who can get the most wins and clears with different characters and decks.

Of course, with as with anything, there are a few people out there that don’t fully love everything about the dungeon mode. Even though I'm a huge fan of the change, there are some things that even I agree aren't perfect. One of the biggest complaints is that there are no rewards, aside from a little experience you get for the classes and let’s be real, that’s essentially no reward. Most of the podcasts and articles I have seen and heard suggest it needs to have rewards like gold or something to incentivize people to keep playing. I completely agree with this. It would really go a long way to help new players get started in the game, which is something Hearthstone has struggled with in the past.

Even with this minor reward system debate, the new dungeon mode is super fun and addictive to play. I highly recommend giving it a try, even if you just need a place to find from trolls, if that's the case check out Tips for Handling Bullies and Trolls in Games. After all, Hearthstone is free to play and possibly one of the best if not the best mobile games available. So get out there and give it a try with your friends today, you won’t regret it.

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