Heroes of the Storm™: Blaze Added and Malfurion Rework



The hot new hero added to the nexus, Blaze, is a tank class. Right out of the gate he is... on fire, being super tanky and overall difficult to deal with. I joined an all fire heroes group consisting of Blaze, Alexstrasza, Kel’thas, Ragnaros, and Rexar in a fire skin (that counts... right?). I typically like to heal but found myself as Ragnaros and Kel’thas scorching the games we played. I quickly found Blaze roasting me on every encounter, easily winning 1v1 battles. He is sure to ignite controversy with his oil and fire mechanics, which not only damage and slow his enemies but also heals him as long as he remains in the conflagration. Ok, I think I exhausted all of my fire puns on this one.


After the all fire team disbanded, I decided to check out Malfurion and his rework. After reading the patch notes I assumed he got hit by every nerf branch in the forest. Mostly because his previous Regrowth ability would give an initial small burst of healing followed by a heal over time (HOT) effect. With the patch came no more initial burst heal only a longer lasting HOT. However, if Malfurion hits enemies with his Moonfire ability it heals everyone affected by the Regrowth’s HOT effect for a burst amount based on how many people you hit. Thus, my initial assumption was wrong, his new rework turned out to be really fun and powerful. My first match I was over 120K healing (which is really good), so super spam that Moonfire glow and bring your team to victory!

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