Mario + Rabbids: Should YOU Save the Kingdom?


I just finished Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle™️ and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Most of that I attribute to the level of detail they put into the game. Little things like the silly humor or the environment moving with the music. As for the gameplay, Mario + Rabbids is more of a turn-based strategy game, mixed with puzzles and item collection. So this makes it quite different from traditional Mario games of the past.

Here are my Top 3 PROs and CONs  about the game:

Rascally Rabbids: The wackiness and chaos they cause provided a very humorous story and interesting game-play. From the opening scene to the closing credits they are getting into rascal stuff making me laugh quite a bit more than I expected to. Even just the little things like Rabbid Peach throwing her wig and phone down and storming off after you lose a battle or the part where she pushes the block... nope, not spoiling it, go play it: you'll see what I mean.

Boss Battles: Bosses and the overall game is just challenging enough without being too punishing. They even provide an easy mode if you happen to get stuck. The boss battles provide a truly unique and massively enjoyable experience. My favorite one is the Phantom boss, with its opera style singing and witty lyrics had me both laughing and in awe of just how good they crafted the whole experiences. Also, how well the boss mechanics of the fight matched the story was perfect.

Combat System: I admit, I wasn’t confident in how I would like a turn-based combat system in a Mario game. In fact, I knew going in that if the combat and movement system was bad I would have immediately stopped playing. However, it turns out I was not only pleasantly surprised but I think they nailed the tile movement and turn-based combat in this game. The order of attacks and movements are very fluid and quickly became second nature, which provided yet another fantastic element to the game.

Camera Angles: There are many locations when traversing the mushroom kingdom that will require you to do puzzles to progress. For some reason many of these areas the camera locks in place which is annoying and confusing after you have been able to spin around for many other areas prior. I found myself getting mildly frustrated with the camera specifically in the puzzles but not as much in the battle scenarios.

Character Selection: You only get to choose three of eight characters to battle with at a time. I tested out each of the characters but I personally found that the starting characters were the strongest. Which was sort of saddening because I really liked Yoshi for example but you don’t get him until near the end. So not only don’t you get much time with some characters, you probably spent most of your coins needed to buy weapons on other characters. Not sure how they would change this but I guess it does provide a nice variety to pick from.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer mode is actually really fun. The unfortunate thing is that it is locked behind the single-player campaign. So in order to play multiplayer, you have to beat the first world in single player mode. Then you can unlock multiplayer maps by completing more single player worlds. If they would have made the entire game multiplayer from the beginning it just might be one of my top favorite multiplayer games.

Closing Thoughts: Overall, I truly enjoyed Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The silly humor, fun story and well-designed gameplay make this a great game. So I definitely recommend giving this one a try.

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