Review: Hats Off to Mario Odyssey Co-Op Experience


No real question about it, Mario Odyssey is a great game, but how is the co-op experience? My Fiancé and I completed Mario Odyssey in co-op mode and we loved it. If you’re not familiar with how the co-op version works, one person plays as Cappy (the hat) and the other plays as Mario.

We honestly were not very confident in how good the co-op would be, mostly because playing as a hat sounded a little boring. I am happy to report that we give Mario Odyssey a tip of the hat, as it is actually quite good.

Now I will admit there are parts of Mario Odyssey that are very heavy on Cappy or Mario specific game-play but for the most part, it is a well-balanced interaction. Except of course when Cappy gets you killed by randomly jumping or floating. That’s when you are required to give your buddy a slow head turn and death stare combo… Other than that just let Cappy run around, clear out paths of enemies, collect the coins and help you take control of enemies. With a little bit of teamwork boss battles and puzzles are significantly easier and more fun than the single-player mode.

One minor negative point and it ended up being very minor, is the camera angles. The camera focuses on Mario, which is great since Mario is the one that can die but can be a little tricky for the Cappy player. For example, if Mario turns around while you are trying to get something or hit a boss, then Cappy is just flailing around aimlessly, just hoping they hit anything. Aside from the minor vision issues, it ended up being super useful that Cappy could go outside of normal vision to get coins while Mario continued on with the world.

At the end of the day, we loved playing Mario Odyssey in co-op mode. So go find your Cappy and give the co-op mode a try, we thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too. If you don’t have a Cappy friend in your life maybe try these tips Finding Love as a Gamer or Date Night Ideas for Gamers.

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