Sticking to that New Year’s Resolution: Gamer’s Edition


Every year we make New Year's resolutions and for most of us, we can never seem to keep them for very long. Well, what if I told you video games could actually help you keep those seemingly impossible resolutions? Here’s the good news, it can! Think about why most of us find it so hard to keep those resolutions. It’s typically because we get bored, it's not fun or just too hard. Let’s take a look at some of the more common resolutions and how you can using video gaming to make it more fun and sustainable, leading to you keeping that resolution this year!

Working Out/Losing Weight: Very few of us are happy with our weight or our fitness level and no one wants to spend all of their time in a gym no matter how many times we buy that membership and promise ourselves we will go this time. So why not save that gym membership and buy some games that make you sweat when playing them. One example would be dancing type games, such as Just Dance, that get you moving and really get that heart pumping. The constant cardio while listening to music is great for helping keep you distracted and get in plenty of exercise for the day. Just pop it in for 30 minutes a couple times a week and have fun! Another option is Virtual Reality (VR) games. The VR systems are super expensive right now but trust me almost every game available will have you out of breath and sore from all the movement and exercise you didn’t realize you were doing. VR is an amazing experience and a lot of fun so check out the virtual world and get some great benefits in the real world as well.

Learn to Cook: This might go well with that weight loss resolution or as just a stand-alone resolution; learn to cook a few meals! Now learning to cook in say World of Warcraft won’t exactly help you learn to cook in real life. However, there are gaming related resources to make it more fun, for example, “World of Warcraft®: The Official Cookbook” by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. I can personally tell you the book is worth checking out! For more cooking related articles check out Why Gamers Should Cook IRL and Quick Dinner Ideas for Gamers.

Learn to Play Guitar: Not for everyone of course but if you want to learn an instrument why not use a video game to help you learn one? Games like Rocksmith® are really good tools if you plan to learn to play guitar by yourself and I mean a real guitar not the plastic one with buttons. I own the game and it really does guide and encourage you to learn the basics of guitar, plus it has some really fun mini-games and a wide variety of songs.

Learn a Language: Ever wanted to learn a new language? No matter which one you want to speak there are a ton of free and paid apps that use fun little games to help you learn a new language. I have used quite a few of these to get some basic French and Japanese for trips so seriously check into some these tools. Recommending one specifically to use is hard because I feel like it varies from person to person, but start with some of the higher rated programs like DuoLingo or Rosetta Stone, it will make it and considerably easier and lot more fun.

Save money: Gaming can be expensive if you want to keep up with the latest systems and games. We have some upcoming articles with a lot more ways to save money gaming but some easy ones to get you started is to check out Humble, and Steam sales for the easiest ways to save on gaming. For consoles, don't be afraid to trade games in for credit and look at buying pre-owned versions. A lot of times even the newest of titles tend to have a pre-owned and can save you $10 easily. For more money saving options we have added some coupons from our Amazon Affiliate at our Coupons page.

What is your resolution and how has gaming helped you with it? Tell us in the comments below!

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