Virtual Reality: Should You Buy It?


The quick answer is not just yet… Virtual Reality (VR) has been a hot gaming and movie topic for a few years now. While the technology and the experiences are immersive and super impressive, I would still suggest holding off just a little while longer.

Don’t get me wrong if you get the chance to try out a demo or someone else’s VR system, DO IT! You will be blown away by how cool it is. I mean it is so impressive that I instantly went out and bought one after my buddy let me try out his HTC Vive(c). Then I let a friend at work try mine and he instantly went and bought one as well! The games are really well done and there are a huge variety of archery, zombies, shooters, 3D painting, building and puzzle games. You really feel like you are a part of the world you are playing in even if it’s a cartoony environment. It’s actually difficult to describe just how immersed you feel in the game without trying it, so go for it if you can.

Now the reason I say you should hold off on buying one is:

Too expensive: Even though they recently dropped the price on these systems it’s still very expensive. We are talking around $700 for the headset and another $1,000+ for a PC that can run it. You can get the cheaper versions such as the PS4 version, which are still good, but it’s not the same as the PC version, and still very expensive.

Space: The space required to set up a VR system is a minimum of 6’x6’ space not including the location of the computers and sensors. Some games require a lot more space to even start the game up. If that space isn’t dedicated to the VR then you have to setup and tear down after every session and that is time-consuming as well.

Short-Lived Fun: My love affair with VR was short lived. I mean I played it for about a month and then boxed it up to make space. I still sometimes break it out to host parties for friends and family or a date (check out other Date Night Ideas for Gamers) and they enjoyed it. But again the setup and tear down gets old and currently only a limited amount of really good games for it and all of them are really short games as well.

Cables: The cables definitely get in the way and you often worry about tripping over them or stepping on them too much, eventually breaking them. The good news is wireless versions are in the works and some available now with a reportedly heavy battery packs that last about 2 hours.

Eye Fatigue/Sickness: If you don’t have a good enough system or the sensors aren’t set up correctly you will get frame drops and “unnatural movements” that will quickly make you sick and often give you a headache.

In closing, I love Virtual Reality and really look forward to the future as it develops. Especially Skyrim VR! For now, though, save your money and wait for at least the next generation or two if you can. That could be years away so meanwhile, find a friend that has it and try theirs, odds are they just have boxed it up as well.

For other money saving tips check out our Coupons section and check back for future articles on ways to save money in gaming.


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